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Turning the tide for techno…

I was beginning to think we'd lost some of the diversity and underground music we used to be so proud of in Hastings.

Then two things happened...

The lovely EE promoters booked a bit of a techno legend. SAYTEK. This is a massive booking for Hastings and full respect to Colin and Lisa for getting him in the diary!

We were lucky enough to see him in Brighton last year. For those that don’t know him, Joseph Keevill is more than just a DJ or producer (although he is most definitely both these things). He is a live performer. For those as technical as me on these things that means he has the gadgets and “noise box things” on stage and makes the music live. It’s a phenomenal show. A visual as well as auditory experience. Try it. You like it. You might even love it. Carl Cox did (here’s the proof). Mr.C* did (you can read his post here). I did.

EE have a great line up for the night alongside SAYTEK, with a good mix of old and new music meaning there really is something for everyone in there. Our own Altitude360 DJ is on closing duties.

Secondly a little pop up event appeared on the Facebook. Catchmydrift x Remotion. A second techno event. That's two within a week. Are we actually starting to turn the tide for techno and underground events in Hastings?

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to check this one out ahead of the EE event next week. I’d heard good reviews of The Pig as a venue, I’d not been in there for more years than I care to admit, and I have to say I was impressed. Welcoming staff, friendly security, nice vibe and a rather lush back room all making this somewhere we’d definitely come back to.

The event was billed with two rooms, Orange and Red, over eight hours… clearly thought had been given to curating the night with more organic, deep and melodic, almost dreamy starters in the Orange room. Rob Miller and Si Cole both providing stellar sets and well deserving more of an audience than they had (sorry we missed Adop+). For me it was the the perfect opening for early evening. Lovely tunes, super skilled DJ’s.

Moving into the Red room (not the Shades of Grey one I hasten to add) from 10pm, residents Japhy and DJK provided a masterclass in old and new techno, stepping up the pace and drawing in more and more of a crowd. It was great to see so many enjoying the rare opportunity to hear quality, diverse music. Top marks, top DJ’s, top crowd (see there is a demand for it!). I wasn’t familiar (to my shame) with Marley Cole who took the closing set and ramped it up a notch further. Japhy promised real techno and he didn’t disappoint. Marley took me right back to Ibiza and the early hours of the morning in DC10. It takes quite a lot to get the husband dancing. Marley managed it. If that’s not a good enough recommendation, nothing is! As for me, I’ve got to admit I was really impressed by the quality of the DJ’s and the music. It warmed the cockles of my techno heart and I can’t thank the Catchmydrift and Remotion guys enough!

I’m not going to lie, you missed a bit of a treat if you weren’t there. Hopefully there’ll be another one soon. There’s rumour of a recording so keep your eyes out for it!

In the meantime, don’t miss next week’s treat with EE and Saytek (ticket info here).

Nights like this offer a level of diversity that has, in my humble opinion, been missing. I thought we’d lost it for good. I was wrong. But we’re not there yet. Without support events like this won’t be viable in the future. We need collectively to keep the emerging momentum going. So let’s get behind these venues, events and promoters and keep the the tide turning.


Sensisity Honchette

*Don't forget you can see Mr.C himself at the House of House event on April 8th! Tickets


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