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Encapsulated Energy / The Crypt Hastings 11/03/22

EE pulled a blinder when they booked Saytek Live (Joseph Keevil) for their 10th Anniversary Party and the Crypt on Friday.

EE has traditionally had its feet firmly in the old school, early nineties music. This event though showed Colin Walker (head EE man) is keen to push the boundaries. Mixing some of EE’s favourite and long standing DJ’s with a contemporary twist in the form of Saytek Live, one of the most exciting techno DJ/Producer's we’ve seen for a long time.

Proving why he has been so highly recommended by the likes of Carl Cox and Mr.C (as well as literally everyone who has seen him play), Joseph gave a phenomenal raw techno set with melodic undertones. A pleasure to watch, you could tell how much Joseph loved being back in front of a crowd and making people dance.

The void sound system in the Crypt was amazing - the bass was literally shaking the ribs and it perfectly suited the sound of Saytek!

Following on from Saytek, Altitude360 promised to get “hands in the air” and boy did he deliver, belting out a the Cafe Del Mar (Tale Of Us Renaissance Remix) in amongst a raw and melodic techno set.

The eclectic crowd partied and danced together in appreciation of the music both old and new. It’s the busiest I’ve seen the club for a long time - big ups to Mr Walker on taking a bit of a gamble with this one! He definitely pulled it off - here’s to the next one!

You can catch Saytek on Saturday 19th at the Superfreq 20th anniversary party in London alongside Mr.C who’s playing for The House of House guys on April 8th at the Marina Fountain (ticket link).

Line up:

Steve Furmston

Jonny Manners


Mark Ruston

Saytek Live



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