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Brighton Music Conference 2022

Two days on and I’m still on a high from yet another fantastic Brighton Music Conference.

It’s difficult to sum BMC up in a few words, but the first thing to note is how smiley everyone is! Literally from the amazing volunteers at the entrance, to the speakers, technical team and exhibition staff, it’s really clear that everyone just loves being there.

The seamlessness of the two days probably doesn’t represent the amount of work and effort that had clearly gone into the planning of the event by the BMC team. The speakers were well chosen and brilliantly curated with an impressive mix of talks suitable for all the audience whether relative newcomers to the industry or seasoned old hands.

Every session I attended had value in either learning something new or affirmation that you’re on the right track. The workshops were helpful and the advice shared gave an insight into the more intricate workings of the industry.

Although there remained a clear predominance of men in the audience and in particular in the production workshops, the conference programme was broad and inclusive with targeted sessions for female and non-binary attendees which was hugely refreshing.

The evening events had a good mix of showcasing relative new talent alongside more experienced and well know artists with a range of genres and styles creating a great buzz and the perfect way to chill after a long day of listening intently in the seminars!

The overriding thing for me remains how welcoming everyone was. We often hear about leaving the ego’s at the door, that for me epitomised BMC. We made some amazing new contacts, got advice and feedback that you literally could not buy and above all got to hang out with some fantastic friends, old and new, that have given us a definite buzz for moving forwards.

So as one BMC attendee to a potential future BMC attendee what would my advice be? Book a few days off work afterwards! Seriously though, get those early bird tickets as soon as they come out, book your hotel early and prepare. If you are a producer, have a few good solid tracks ready to share and book into the Label Lounge. If you are a DJ focus on what are the few things that would make a difference for you going forward. Above all else, talk to everyone possible and have fun! Everyone there is for the same reason - we all absolutely love music and that’s one hell of a connecting factor!

Oh and apologies for the lack of photos or videos I was literally way too busy enjoying myself!

Thanks again to #teambmc you rock!


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